“Aesthetic enjoyment is objectified self enjoyment. To enjoy aesthetically means to enjoy myself in a sensuous object diverse from myself, to empathize myself into it.”

Wilhelm Worringer, Abstraction and Empathy

The Nymph and The Fountain – 2012 becka viau

“I experience abjection only if an Other has settled in place and stead of what will be “me.” Not at all an other with whom I identify and incorporate, but an Other who precedes and possesses me, and through such possession causes me to be.

– Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror

“The mouth is the beginning or, if one prefers, the prow of animals; in the most characteristic cases, it is the most living part, in other words the most terrifying for neighboring animals.”

– Georges Bataille, Mouth

In December 2012 an undergrad student, Daltry Rose Cambell-Lemire, produced a zine titled THIS IS CRIT’S CLIT (as a reaction/alternative response to a show at the Anna Leonowen’s Gallery in October 2012 – titled 2012!!!!!!! , by Rupert Nuttle) that was inserted as an intervention in the NSCAD University newspaper CRITThe main reaction from the students and the newspapers audience was that of disgust and dismissal, whereas alternatively I viewed the zine as embodying an abject object that deserved to be credited with purpose and place in an academic setting- so, I wrote a review/essay describing my understanding and reaction to the zine . To read this review click HERE – THIS IS CRIT’S CLIT: Review by Becka Viau

“There is nothing like the abjection of self to show that all abjection is in fact recognition of the want on which any being, meaning, language, or desire is founded.– Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror

open again – 2011 becka viau

“Eroticism opens the way to death. Death opens the way to the denial of our individual lives. Without doing violence to our inner selves, are we able to bear a negation that carries us to the farthest bounds of possibility?”

– Georges Bataille, Eroticism: Death and Sensuality

 Bledan - 2012

It will have blood, they say; blood will have blood.

William Shakespear

slit – 2011 becka viau


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