The Sovereign

The Sovereign Queen / The Sovereign King – digital photographs 2011

‘Neither anarchy nor tyranny, my people.
Worship the mean, I urge you,
Shore it up with reverence and never
Banish terror from the gates, not outright.
Where is the righteous man who knows no fear?
The stronger your fear, your reverence for the just,
The stronger your country’s wall and city’s safety.’ – Ahtena, in Oresteia

Tyranny and Fear

The Sovereign – 03 – 2012 – Digital Photograph

“Two primary objectives of the residential schools system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. “

– Stephen Harper 2008, apology for residential schools speech


Canadian Sovereignty

Hobbes and The Sovereign State


Sovereignty Cloak – wool, coyote pelt, polyester, silk, gold embroidery – in progress – 2012

“Sovereignty is the object which eludes us all, which nobody has seized and which nobody can seize for this reason: we cannot possess it, like an object, but we are doomed to seek it.”  – [Literature and Evil, Bataille,  pp. 193-194]

The Great Canadian Flag Debate

A Diamond Jubilee

Thoughts on Bataille and Sovereignty

The Sovereign 03, 01, 02 – mixed media, digital photograph 2011

The Sovereign 04- becka viau 2012


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