Sovereignty – curated by Becka Viau

Sovereignty – Curated by Becka Viau – Installation 2012


– Exhibited October 9 to 20, 2012 at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax Nova Scotia- 

Sovereignty is a conceptual installation and exhibition curated by Becka Viau which presents the artwork of five emerging East Coast contemporary fine artists (Aaron Weldon, Bonita Hatcher, Scott Saunders, Kat Frick Miller, and Becka Viau)The exhibition focuses on the notion of Canadian sovereignty, from a historical, personal, and current political perspective. Inspired by research into Canadian colonial history and the development of the nation now known as Canada, Sovereignty expresses a longing for a secure and unique identity within a complex and young nation.


Exhibition Title with show Catalogues

” This exhibition is the culmination of a year’s research into my own place and history as a young , English speaking, seventh generation Canadian from the East Coast. Through the use of political branding I hope the exhibition provokes the audience to contemplate their position within Canada, their national identity, their political determination, and of course their own concepts of sovereignty.”

– Curator, Becka Viau 2012

– Download Curatorial Statement 2013 HERE

Laid Bare – Bonita Hatcher, 2012

Sovereignty Installation – Main Hall – 2012

(Details) Untitled – Scott Saunders 2012

Natural History of Canada – Kat Frick Miller 2009

Untitled and Modulated Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Bonita Hatcher, 2012

(detail) The Sovereignty Cloak – Becka Viau 2012

Sovereignty – Curated by Becka Viau – Installation 2012


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